Próximo lanzamiento: Side Chick Blues

¿Cómo me las maravillaría yo? Cómo me las maravillaría yo? ¿Cómo me las maravillaría yo para explicar de qué va esta plaquette? Es un poemario en inglés ambientado en San Francisco sobre rollos de una noche venidos a más que se quedan en nada, furores uterinos variados y corazones partíos. Que no es moco de pavo porque a ver ¿cuántas lesbianas conocéis que escriban abiertamente sobre el desamor y esos fuegos intennnnnnnos?

La plaquette está a la venta en mi página web, los pedidos salen a finales de mes y aquí os dejo más información:

Maria Lapachet's poetry chapbook “Side Chick Blues” cuts like a grainy 16mm short film of ferocious need and burning love doused in a hot tub of fresh blood, yet breathing loud. She howls,

"I want your hands running through my hair.
I want the smell of you on my skin and hair
I want you handprints embedded in my ass cheeks.
I want your teeth marks on my back."

Yet those who previously read Lapachet's erotica know that lust is day to day exigency that supplies strength to a relationship. Call it “love,” call it “need.” Truth is, in Lapachet's kneading poetry sex and love are like spoon and a bowl of soup to a hungry mouth. Love is love when you are here with me. Not when you are gone.

This chapbook's 24 poems are more Erica Jong in "Fruits & Vegetables" and "Half-Lives" than Anais Nin excavating wisdom and mirth in copulation. Lapachet tells it as it is. The poetry is understated because her language's wicked honesty leaves no room for double-reading. She is hurt. She is wanting. She's telling us that.

Chapbook: 24 pages
Publisher: Cordoba Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781640081208


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