Próximo lanzamiento: Say You Love Me

Un poemario en inglés sobre relaciones de pareja (lésbica obviamente), sadomasoquismo, violencia doméstica y rupturas que podría haberse titulado "Vemos acabao como el rosario de la aurora oiga”. Aunque, como digo siempre, todo lo que escribo es producto de mi imaginación y cualquier parecido con la realidad es coincidencia (que no quiero que me lleve nadie a juicio).

La plaquette está a la venta en mi página web, los pedidos salen a finales de mes y aquí os dejo más información:

Maria Lapachet proves again to be a force for change in butch-femme literature. In "Say You Love Me" she rips up the status quo with her sensuality and directness.

Like the female eunuch generations before her, the “femme eunuch” emerges from her desireless cocoon. No longer only the object of sterile theoretical discussions in LGBT theory, Lapachet’s femme plays in the margins — as sensual as her butch counterparts. Subversive, for it is in fiction — in play—that one dislodges the power relations that delegates the femme to objective status.

Lapachet writes of her own desire—in a room of her own—a place of her own choosing;  with the joy of one who has found freedom in defining her own terms. She leaps out of the phallocentric imitation of most BDSM literature into a world of her own creation. A world in which submission isn’t the lack of desire, of power. A world in which submission is the most powerful choice of all.

She stoops to conquer. She conquers so she can stoop—without fear and without shame. And conquer she does.

Chapbook: 24 pages
Publisher: Cordoba Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781640081192


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